Alice Bonaccorsi

Randazzo (Catania) 12 ha
30,000 bottles per year
Fertiliser: Manure
Pest Control: Copper/Sulphur
Weed Control: Mechanical
Yeast: Natural
Certification: None
100% Estate Grown

At 3.329 meters above sea level Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe. To the north-eastern side of the mountain vineyards run in a semi circle following the countours of the mountain and parallel to the coastline, and to the north–west the mountain is covered with pistachio trees. Volcanic rich soil and microclimate influenced by altitude, hot winds from North Africa and the proximity to the sea has resulted in many plant and animal species unique to the area. The most notable varietals grown here are carricante (white) and nerello mascalese, nerello cappuccio (red). All the locals agree on the best vineyards for reds being located on the north side between the villages of Castiglione and Randazzo whereas the best areas for whites is further east. In all of these areas centuries of interactions between human and nature can be seen: terraces made up of volcanic soils, vines trained as a small trees (alberello) , and traditional “palmenti” (structures made out of lava used for making wines).