Marsala ( ) 6 ha
20,000 bottles per year
Fertiliser: Manure, Green
Pest Control: Copper/Sulphur
Weed Control: Mechanical
Yeast: Natural
Certification: None
100% Estate Grown


The wines from Nino Barraco upend many popular conceptions about what constitutes a wine from Marsala.  Instead of the usual sweet or sticky styles that are associated with the area, his wines are savoury, full of herbs, dry & pleasantly salty.  Purity is the essence of this project.  The cantinas first harvest was only in 2004 but the wines have a raw precision to them, with a depth & personality suggestive of a much longer history.  All fermentation is spontaneous and long macerations tend to be favoured.  None of the wines are   filtered or clarified with additions of So2 being phased out.  Nino's wines celebrate grapes indigenous to Marsala - catarratto, grillo, zibibbo, nero d'avola, pignatello & milocca.  He is determined  to ensure that every vintage is unmasked and this quest for transparency is what led him to embrace traditional technique & organic viticulture.