Nurri (Cagliari) 5 ha
7000 bottles per year
Fertiliser: Manure
Pest Control: Copper/Sulphur
Weed Control: Mechanical
Yeast: Natural
Certification: None
100% Estate Grown

Gianfranco is born and grown up in Nurri which was one of the most important Sardinian wine region until 50 years ago. Since he was a child he’s been making bread and wine, pane e vino (Panevino) but his first official lable was released only in 2005. Gianfranco has got a deep understanding of his land, grapes, yeasts.  Making wine is like painting, he says,  using your grapes and yeasts as colours. In this prospective each wine is an art work, a story to tell, feelings to express and for this reason cannot be repeated; with the only exception of Alvas ( a macerated white wine) and Girotondo (late harvest of giro’ di Cagliari) each year the lables are different.