Le Coste.jpg

Le Coste

Gradoli (Lazio) 
 30,000 bottles per year
Fertiliser: Manure, Green Manure
Pest Control: Copper/Sulphur
Weed Control: Mechanical
Yeast: Natural
Certification: None
100% Estate Grown

The wines of Le Coste have a depth and energy that is matchless. Their complexity, intense minerality and sheer vividness falls completely into place when one meets Clémentine and Gianmarco, both of whom could be seen to be the definition of the word indefatigable. For over ten years the couple have worked tirelessly to create an incredible winery in Gradoli, a small town between Pisa and Rome from where Gianmarco’s family originated.

To describe the site as stunning is an understatement. The various vineyards sit perched some 600 meters above sea level, overlooking the wide expanse of blue that is Lake Bolsena. They are an incredibly unique collection of sites and medley of microclimates all set upon volcanic soil. There are over 20 separate parcels that they tend to, which are made up of many different soil compositions.